New Semester

This semester I am excited to learn more about public relations and how to work it into my everyday life. I am from Los Angeles, California and there is so much opportunity there as well as here in Nashville for jobs and internships in this field. I am hoping to learn more about blogging and communication tactics for the class!


Barefoot running

Barefoot running is a relatively new concept for most people. It is supposed to reduce shin pain and help prevent many injuries.

This is usually done on soft surfaces such as grass or turf. Barefoot running is supposed to make your step right so that you don’t use muscles that aren’t supposed to be used. These are usually the ones that get the most injury.

To promote more of this type of running, there are shoes called Five Fingers, which basically are just coverings for your feet so they don’t get cut up. It allows you to run as if you were barefoot, yet you can wear it on any sort of surface.


Some say that ever since they started barefoot running it is all they ever do. For others, it is a bit harder to get used to so they only do it every once in a while. This tends to be a personal preference.

While barefoot running is very common for Olympic athletes, many regular joggers enjoy it as well.

Have you ever tried barefoot running? If so, do you enjoy it?

The Bisons are gearing up for their last race of the season. After a huge win for the Lady Bisons last Saturday at their A-Sun conference championships, the Bisons and Lady Bisons will head down to Tuscaloosa, AL, for their regional meet this Saturday. The women have recently been ranked sixth in the Southern Region, according to the USTFCCCA poll.

The seven women competing this weekend will be senior Catherine Beals, senior Ashley Lehman, senior Louisa Van Batavia, sophomore Tessa Hoefle, sophomore Missy Dowd, freshman Maggie Lawrence and freshman Minna Fields.

After last weekend’s race, they should go into regionals feeling very confident and ready. Coach Taylor said, “I am hoping for a top-six finish. My hope is that they match that or exceed that. Their practices have been great, and I am looking forward to them having a great race.”

The seven men competing will be senior Benton Reed, junior Geoff Musick, junior Ben Wright, junior Ashton Fisher, junior Isaiah Greer, freshman Tate Honaker and freshman Ryan Gadsey. After there fourth-place finish, which tied the best in school history, senior captain Benton Reed said, “I believe this is one of the best teams that Lipscomb has had, and we hope to have our highest finish in history.”

With the Southern Region being as competitive as it is, only the top two teams move onto nationals. If you are an individual wanting to move on, you have to be in about the top 12. This makes it a very competitive race as everyone is running for those spots. “With Florida State ranked first in the nation and Vanderbilt ranked fourth, it is going to be a fight for the women to move on to nationals,” said Coach Bill Taylor, “but we can never say never.”

On their plans for regionals, sophomore captain Tessa Hoefle said, “Like conference, we have a plan that depends largely on pack running. Do we control everything that happens in a race? No. Not all races go as planned, but when it comes down to it, we will run as well as we pack.” The team is still young and has a long way to go, but the conference win is a huge step.

“The biggest goals for this weekend are for the women to get sixth or better and the men tenth or better. Last year the women took 9th and the men 13th,” said Coach Taylor.

The regional meet will be the final meet for the Bisons this season.

What do you think the chances of them qualifying for nationals are?

Last Saturday was the Lipscomb Bisons‘ cross country conference championship.

The women, ranked second going into the meet, finished in first place! This was a huge step forward for the cross country program as a whole.

The men, who last year finished in ninth out of nine teams, finished fourth! They have improved drastically within the past year.

“I gave each of them a plan to be successful and they followed it,” Coach Bill Taylor said. I’m so proud of these girls.” This team works so hard to be champions, and finally all their hard work has paid off!

This is the first championship that Lipscomb cross country has won at the Division 1 level. This is definitely a huge breakthrough and means a lot for the future.

On November 12 the team will travel down to Tuscaloosa, Ala. to compete in the Regional Championships. This will close the cross country season unless the team moves on to nationals.

How do you think the team will do at regionals?

A-Sun XC Conference

This Saturday, October 29, 2011, is Lipscomb University’s cross country championship meet. It will be taking place at Vaughn’s Gap.

There will be 9 teams present including Belmont, North Florida, Jacksonville, Stetson, USC Upstate, FGCU, ETSU and Kennesaw State.

Men race at 10 and women at 10:45. This is a huge year for our teams as both the men and women have a high chance of winning! There will be 9 women racing and 9 men.
Our team puts in about 90 miles a week and has practice about 5 hours a day. Our program has one of the top training programs in the conference, and as said by some, the nation.  There is no reason that our teams cannot win this!

All this team needs is for people to come out and support them all over the course. In the history of our program, we have never won a conference championship, lets make this the first year!

Will you be there?

Eat like a runner

Choosing a healthy lifestyle isn’t always an easy situation. Most of the time it is more of a habit to gravitate towards foods that taste good but are not necessarily good for you.

First off, runners should not drink soda. Soda dehydrates you and and provides you with unwanted calories and sugars. By avoiding this, you can help your bones stay strong and stay hydrated.

Now the question of sugar.  Processed sugar is also an unnecessary food group that runners bodies do not need. Foods such as cookies, candy and ice cream are just a few of the things that must be avoided. Luckily, there are plenty of organic foods that allow for us to still enjoy these things.

Some of the best organic foods are the cookies that have no processed sugar. Newman O’s taste exactly like Oreo cookies and come in a multitude of different flavors. Also, frozen yogurt is a great dessert to treat yourself to.

Avoiding these foods not only helps you run faster, it makes you feel healthier and more alert on a day to day basis. By doing these little things, you will be surprised what a difference you will feel!

Mental strength

Something that most people struggle with while running is the mental part. Running is a mental game. When you run well, you have good thoughts in your head. When you run poorly, you have negative thoughts in your head. It is near impossible though to have positive thoughts in your head when you know you are going out to run 20 miles.

One thing to help one’s mental strength is a mental exercise called visualization.

Visualization is where you picture yourself running and performing how you want to be. An example of this would be seeing yourself in a race. You see yourself in the place you should be and running the pace you should be. You then think of yourself running the uphill’s as you would in a race. This is an easy way to be positive about a race so that when you go out there and actually run it you will feel as if you already have.


When negative thoughts are in your head it is hard to get them out and change your mental attitude about a workout. As soon as you change the way you think about these things though the easier it will be.

Mental toughness is one of the biggest things to overcome through running. Once you can defeat this though, you can do anything!

Something that we have done this year on Lipscomb University Cross Country, is that we fill out mental toughness worksheets after every practice. There are three parts to it:

1- List 3 things that you did well

2- List 3 things that you can improve

3- What must you do to lead to the desired improvement

Doing these worksheets can help you track your progression throughout the year and see how far you have come.